Budget Wedding Photography Packages - Bedfordshire

"Self-Editing" Prices

Budget Package A) - 2 hours coverage plus all image files (estimate 200-250) -  £125
Budget Package B) - 3 hours coverage plus all image files (estimate 300-350) -  £175
Budget Package C) - 5 hours coverage plus all image files (estimate 400-450) -  £250
Budget Package D) - 8 hours coverage plus all image files (estimate 800-900) -  £350

Any extra time after 8 hours is charged at £30 per hour

Image files can be downloaded from a link within 24 hours or supplied on DVD

All packages include a password protected online gallery for viewing images

Time can include different locations for getting ready, the ceremony and the reception and includes travel time between venues

Prints can be ordered online from £5.00 per print. Since the gallery images are not edited the prints may be altered to create a better composition.

Storybook Albums with 50 plus images can be ordered - prices from £200. (For more details go back to standard Wedding Packages)

These packages are significantly less expensive than my normal packages, but they are not suitable for everyone.

The image files are dowloaded from the camera, copied and then delivered to the client in any format you wish, but without any editing.

Please read the key features below before deciding whether any of these packages are suitable for you

Who are “self-editing” packages for?

  • People would like a professional wedding photographer but are on a tight budget
  • People who have at least a basic understanding of image editing or are happy to try it
  • People who want the cheapest option available now but may choose to upgrade later after they have seen the images
  • People who may want to order an album or prints later and do not want lots of edited image files as their final product.

In what format will the images be provided?

  • You will have the option of receiving the files in RAW and/or JPEG format. (RAW format will be specific to Canon and will require specialist software)
  • They will be downloaded from the camera and supplied without editing as full size copies either on a memory stick or via a download link

What will the images be like?

  • The majority of images will look well composed, correctly exposed and of a high standard
  • Some “poor” images may be included (although I do delete really obvious failures as I shoot)
  • Some images may need enlarging as I had no time to zoom in or move closer.
  • Some horizontals and verticals such as the walls and rooms of buildings may be slightly tilted
  • If people blinked at the flash light this will not be edited out.
  • Some images may be slightly too light or slightly too dark unless edited later.

What support can I get for editing?

  • I am happy to give simple editing tips and guidelines on request
  • I will still keep all RAW files for at least 3 years and can give free advice over the phone (within reason) on editing specific images
  • It will be possible to “upgrade” to an edited package by paying the difference at a later date


Why Offer "Self-Edit" Packages?

I recognise that for many couples the cost of wedding photography can seem very expensive, especially when all the other costs involved in getting married are taken into account. Also, now that everyone has a mobile phone, more couples are choosing to use the images captured by friends and relatives as their main record of the event rather than go to the expense of hiring a professional photographer.

Like most professionals I base my charges on my time as well as the skill and experience I have acquired over the years. At least fifty percent of my time is spent after the wedding on image editing to enhance the quality of the images I present to my clients. This involves deleting obviously poor images, slightly cropping and reframing every image, improving brightness, contrast and even sharpness of images where needed, even digitally replacing eyes where people have blinked in group shots. This is time consuming, if done properly, due to the number of images involved and this time is reflected in my prices.

These days most people like more “candid” moments and expressions rather than highly posed photographs. This means that many shots are taken quickly before the moment or fleeting expression is gone, so there is often not enough time to make the perfect composition. Skilled digital editing is a great way of improving hastily composed images and, not surprisingly, a candid style of photography often demands more editing than a more formal style.

Like many photographers I have very high standards regarding the quality of images that I present to my clients as the final product.  I have always been unwilling to cut corners by spending less time editing than I consider necessary, even though I know that some of my competitors may have lower standards. However, I also know that there are a growing number of clients who are quite capable of undertaking basic editing themselves and in fact quite enjoy taking part in that creative process. I suspect that many clients would only feel the need to edit a few key images and would be quite happy in most cases with the quality of images downloaded directly from the camera.

This option is also ideal for those clients who do not want loads of image files but prefer a storybook album or some prints, since they will no longer be paying for editing files that they do not really want. The cost of extra editing is already included in the prices charged for prints and albums.

If you have any questions or are unsure which type of package is most suitable for you, please contact or call me on 01234 823081

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